Sanitarium 2.0 R188 - Zirconium

Sanitarium 2.0 R188 - Zirconium

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Sanitarium 2.0

With a few small tweaks and feedback from our group members we were able to improve upon the popular design. The Sanitarium 2.0 is now 1mm thicker to increase spin times and help with ergonomics in the hand. A series of holes has been added, hidden under the buttons, to keep the rotational mass towards the outside and also help with precision of the manufacturing process.

Body Specs: Machine Polished Zirconium, 2.5" diameter, .35" thick

Button Specs: Machine Polished Zirconium, 24.5mm diameter

R188 bearing held in place with loctite retaining compound.

Certificate of Authenticity included.

Manufacturing is done in house here in the USA.

Final product may vary from images.

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